Startup Visa Canada: Your Path to Turning Ideas into Reality

The Startup Visa Canada is a highly unique immigration program that allows creative and entrepreneurial individuals to turn their innovative business ideas into reality in Canada and obtain permanent residency in this country.

Key Benefits

Success Opportunities in Canadian and Global Markets
Access to Excellent Business Infrastructure for Growth
Permanent Residency in Canada for You & Family
Fast Visa Application Processing


Receiving at least $200,000 CAD financial support from authorized Canadian investors.

Having an innovative and appealing business idea
and plan.

Demonstrating skills and managerial experience in the relevant field of work.

Business plan approval by a recognized agency or institution.

The visa acquisition process

Preparing an innovative and appealing business plan

Issuing a temporary work visa to start a company in Canada

Submitting a visa application along with the relevant documents

Receiving financial support from approved Canadian investors

Permanent residency possibility in Canada after a trial period

The advantages of collaborating with Dr. Marjan Farajian are:

With over 20 years of experience in immigration matters, Dr. Farajian is one of the most experienced individuals in the field of Canada’s startup visa. With a deep understanding of relevant laws and processes, she can guide you through all stages and provide you with the best chance of success.

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