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Canada is one of the most popular countries in the world for work immigration and owes this popularity to its thriving economy, social welfare and high security. Despite these advantages, Canada is in dire need of attracting labor; For this reason, every year thousands of skilled workers from all over the world go to this country with various work migration methods. Iranians are no exception to this rule, and every year many applicants immigrate to Canada in various ways, one of the most popular of these methods is obtaining a Canadian work visa. In this article, we examine the various methods of work immigration to Canada so that you can make the best immigration decision for yourself and your loved ones with complete and comprehensive information.

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Canadian labor market and required jobs

Canada has approximately 18.5 million active labor force, of which about 26% are immigrants.
Whatever your job or specialty, Canada is one of the best countries to work in. Considering the country’s vast need for labor, the probability of finding a job in this country is very high.
People who intend to obtain a Canadian work visa should make sure that their job is in the Canadian job classification or Canada’s knock list or not?!
Canada publishes jobs available in the labor market under the title of National Occupational Classification (NOC). These jobs are classified into 5 categories based on work duties, nature of work and goals such as immigration, etc.
With the abatement of the corona virus fever and widespread vaccination in Canada, it is expected that the labor market of this country will gradually return to its previous era. For this reason, 2023 is likely to be a boom year for many businesses in Canada.

for work migration

Having at least 1 year of work experience for immigration

The amount of financial ability

It depends on the type of immigration method, your conditions and the number of family members
Does the job recruitment to Canada continue?

Canada has increased its immigration goals and now plans to admit more than 1.2 million new permanent residents over the next three years, from 2020 to 2023.

What are the jobs in demand in Canada?

Nursing, web developers, electrical engineers, truck drivers, welders, veterinarians, industrial electricians, pharmacists, accountants, and computer network technicians are among the most prosperous occupations in 2023.

What are the conditions for work immigration to Canada?

The most important conditions for working in Canada: at least 18 years old, having a diploma, certificate or technical and professional degree related to that job, IELTS score at least 6.5 or CLB 8, at least 1 year of work experience and at least 67 points in the first stage of the scoring system.

Who needs a Canadian work visa?

All people who apply for work in Canada must obtain a work visa for this country. However, according to the purpose and program of the applicants, different work visas are issued, which differ in terms of validity period and issuance conditions.

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